I’ve had the joy of traveling to numerous places throughout dental school. I cherish these moments not only because I got to experience new places but also because I was able to carve out the time to spend with family and friends. I would have the pleasure of disconnecting from the strain and stress of school and reconnecting with those I love.

Traveling is fun but it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out where to go for food and entertainment as well as logistical nightmares like how to get around (bus/train/walk?) and where to stay (hostel/hotel/bed and breakfast?).

These guides hit upon places I go. If the places are truly memorable, I’ll definitely state it. If they are okay, I’ll mention it..but with less enthusiasm. And, if something significantly horrible happens, I’ll say so.

To be honest, much of the credit for trips with my family should be attributed to my sister Amy. She does most of the grueling research and deals with everyone’s various wants on our trips. So, thank you, Amy, for always planning ahead and making our trips so smooth.

Austin, Texas
– Leaving the Northeast to enjoy the summer heat with the girls
Fire Island, New York– A perfect spot for a New York weekend getaway
Newport, RI– A summer trip to the celebrate my mom’s birthday
Massachusetts– My picks from visiting my family in Brookline and the surrounding areas
Philadelphia– An all-inclusive things to do + eat in Philadelphia.

Prince Edwards Island– An autumn road trip from Boston to Prince Edwards Island

Italy/France- A two week whirlwind family trip in the summer and our first trip to Europe!
Cinque Terre

London/Iceland – A spring break vacation- 5 days in London, 6 days in SW Iceland
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4+5