In August 2012, I started my first year in dental school. It’s been a painstaking process from the moment I decided I no longer wanted to become a doctor. In my junior year of college. After I had taken the MCAT. The years that followed we’ll attribute to being a twenty-something. I plan to archive these upcoming years to give future pre-dental students an insight into the profession. My hope is that some lost soul will stumble upon my words and angels will sing the revelation that he/she must enter dental school. Or run away as fast as possible. Either works for me so long as I’ve aided in the decision-making.

the dental residency application process– discussing PASS/MATCH + PPIs
the dental residency interview– questions you’ll be asked + question you should ask 

job questions to ask as a dental school grad

all the BIG exams in dental school and how to pass them

whirlwind– advice + thoughts I would give a dental student (on life up to third year)
government versus private loan
backwards glance– advice I would give a pre-dental student