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saturday surf

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I’m getting a rare moment of solitude right now. I won’t say silence because the sun has decided to participate in the day and the birds are all too happy about this. Not that I mind. After a week of Seattle-worthy mist and rain, I am ready to toss my face back to welcome the sun’s return. My friend Jin and I are going to meet up and wander the city. Before that, I wanted to pop by and share what I’ve been browsing these days:

All spicy things call to me.

This dress is all around too cute.

My next kitchen project is sauerkraut.

Sometimes all a person needs is your presence.

For sweets, I’m contemplating making cinnamon rolls.

An absolute favorite treat for me is anchovies in the simplest way.

Ray Rice is eligible to play again and campaigning that he’s changed.

When one uses chemical weapons, you have to wonder what was he thinking?

As more people I know get engaged, I remembered this article. These pre-marital questions are still relevant.

Book(s) update: I finished Wednesday Letters and Small Great Things and have begun The Position. Wednesday Letters was cute- a little cheesy/preachy at times but that ending…crazy. Small Great Things is an amazing book that does a great job going headlong discussing racism. The Position is interesting so far but I’m not IN LOVE. I’ll continue to plow through and maybe it’ll surprise me in the end.

saturday surf


The wind is pushing on the glass panes, hopeful that its shrieking will make me let it in. No can do. I’ve been keeping my chin tucked and focused on the day to day, hoping to eventually peer up and see spring in all its sun-soaked gloriousness.

This week has been particularly weary. Wave after wave of patients-angry, impatient, frustrated-has worn me down. Though my patience grows reed thin, I understand their annoyance. Hospitals can be inefficient beasts.

I am embracing this weekend with plans to meet up with friends and going to the BBG meetup on Sunday. I hope your weekend is lovely, friends.

By the by, here’s what I’ve been browsing this week:

My spring shoe choice.

An op-ed on choosing a universal wine glass.

I’ve got eyes on this tumeric tahini sauce for a salad.

My interest is piqued by this hemp extract oil…and its effects.

The seven units time management strategy for a win-win weekend.

Glossier had a pop up shop in NY and I recently picked up the Generation G in Leo after watching this Youtuber talk about it.

Book update: I finished reading A Man Called Ove and…oh my. The tears came so fast and I was sniffling so intensely that I’m sure my roommates were concerned. Today I start The Wednesday Letters and am impatiently waiting for Delancey to arrive in the mail.

saturday surf

Saturday Surf 1

Morning, sunshine!

Today’s all about self-love. I’ve been feeling those rainbow vibes while reading Jen Sincero’s book this week. So here’s the deal: carve out time for yourself. Book that facial. Do your nails. Pamper yourself with a new ‘do. Treat yourself to a nice lunch. Soak up those rays while your body relaxes to the rhythmic pounding of seaside waves. Those are my Saturday plans. What’s yours?

If you’re not too busy surfing the seas, let’s surf the web:

Bam Bam, an always present song of summer.

Yes, Cassey is doing workout printables again!

Chef suggestions for pimping your frozen pizza.

Guides like this make me want to visit Nashville ASAP.

The skinny mirror controversy. The debate cracks me up.

A Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg collab? I’m all over this.

Here is a potential weekend lunch+coffee spot in the East Village.

When my niece is old enough, I’m getting her a subscription to Kazoo. I love the mission!

Sometimes a drink isn’t necessary. Summary: sobriety is an uncomfortably necessary eye-opener.

Have you heard about Flixtape? It sounds cool conceptually but.. I don’t see it having as much practical use.

An interview with Winona Ryder, the unrelenting mom who knew her son wasn’t gone from Stranger Things. 

saturday surf


Are you hiding from the heat like I am? Today’s heat index was 110 degrees and terrifying. The heat was reverberating from the cement when I was walking back from the matinee. And it was only 12! So now the AC is blasting, Netflix is on, and here’s what I’m surfing on the web this week:

A street shoe I’ve got my eye on.

All beaches should have a library.

Making bakery worthy bread at home.

This week I learned about microblading.

Considering this home for a weekend trip in the fall.

Ruth Reichl gives the how-to on a classic: grilled cheese.

I finished Stranger Things yesterday and loved the nod to the eighties.

Have you ever heard of the Wild Thing toy? I’m thinking about getting it for Zooey’s next birthday.

For all you post-grads, the Pied Piper is coming. The number one question: how much do I owe in student loans?

sunday surf


Hello, friends!

I’m on serious vacation mode right now. Last week I visited my family in Boston-for the last time!- and went on a mother-daughter road trip to Quebec. There was a lot of croissant eating. The next two weeks I have a rotation which is giving me lots of free time aka allowing me to keep very up-to-date on my Instagream feed and, when I’m feeling productive, to read on my Kindle.

I’m prepping for the week by doing laundry and tidying my itty bitty room. I’m rushing it though because hellooo Sunday is still the weekend! Let’s not forget that and enjoy it! I’m going out in a bit to picnic in the park and watch everyone scramble to catch Pokemon. Have a good Sunday, ya’ll!

By the by, here’s what’s been crowding my browser recently:

This ring!

Sorry, not sorry.

Life outside of prison.

This aqua fresca looks SO good.

How God created animals. Teehee.

I’m always down for a good BLT salad.

My next buy for lips. (I’m thinking Crush.)

The story of why you need a fuck-off fund.

A shake up in your health and fitness thoughts.

If you’re in Manhattan, here’s something you should get delivered for lunch this week.

Apparently those food products at TJ Maxx aren’t completely random! I wonder if the same thing applies for Marshall’s…

saturday surf

Saturday Surf

Week one of residency is complete! I celebrated last night with co-residents drinking frozen margaritas and belting 80s and 90s hits. Today is all about recovery and doing those errands you can’t ever do in the work week. The bank and post office need later hours forreal.

NYC has been feeling hot and humid but yesterday’s thundershowers is making the afternoon breezy. Sending you good vibes for the rest of your weekend.

Here’s what’s I’ve been looking at this week:

This is why I’m pro-uniform.

Our country is better than that.

Perfect summer escapes from NYC.

Let’s learn how to empathize versus sympathize.

I can’t wait to check out this new NYC park open July 19.

My financial issue this week: should you contribute to a 403b or an IRA?

How to be a better ally: an open letter to white people. Really, all people.

The season finale of OITNB was craazy. Here are some fun facts to tide you over until its return.

Looking for summer whites? I recommend wearing these bad boys (if you’re willing to pay the AUS shipping!)


july 4th surf

Toddler s knowing God 2

Hello friends.

I hope you’re sitting poolside, sipping pink drinks. I shopped at Jersey Gardens yesterday and was like woah. The amount of stores-and people!- was serious sensory overload. I spent the rest of the weekend arm deep in all my things, KonMari-ing the hell out of my apartment. Transplanting yourself to New York gives you a reality check on how much stuff you own.

Now that I’m organized I’m ready to start my residency this week! It’s been nice getting a break but a few weeks in and I’m antsy and bored. I’m heading out to enjoy the rest of the day. Have a great fourth!

Here’s what I was browsing while I was not unpacking last week:

I’m all about antipasto salad.

I’m really into fringe bags right now.

A wonderful way to use your summer fruits.

Some thoughts on my engagement ring. LOL.

Why being yourself isn’t always the way to go.

For Serial listeners, Adnan Syed is getting a new trial.

Women supporting other women via sexting. Kind of beautiful.

I should really try my hand at making my own barbecue sauce.

Need to be inspired? Commencement speeches are the way to go.

You know how you dislike first dates? So do the restaurants you go to.

I’m over make up and into skin care. Here are 15 products that dermatologists swear by.

Summer time always makes me think of childhood trips to Taiwan, especially eating street food like popcorn chicken.

Choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city. This is the conundrum: do you place your child into a school to better the system or is that an unfair sacrifice to your child?

saturday surf


This past week I stole away to Fire Island for some much needed quiet. Having no specific schedule to follow beyond breathing that salt-dampened air was delicious. Now I’m back in the hustle but, hey, it’s only the beginning of the weekend!

I hope this find you enjoying these beautiful summer days with the windows open to the cool breeze.

Saturdays here are for lazying about, sure, but also for reflection. Sometimes it’s about lifting our heads out of our own lives and taking stock of the world around us. It’s been a heavy month and there’s been a lot of food for thought out there.

Here are the highs and lows, silly and serious, because that’s how the world turns:

On that term radical Islam.

Chilaquiles are my definition of perfection for brunch.

No matter what you do, you’ll marry the wrong person.

Here’s my pick for pudding this week: one savory, one sweet.

A starvation experiment that says: HEY, don’t let dieting take over your life.

This is why when you are arrested you should be quiet and ask for a lawyer.

Is it naive to just believe what people say at face value and just have some empathy?

Women, let’s just talk the way we want to talk. Spoiler alert: you’re damned no matter what you do.

Instagram influencers backing products like teatox saddens me because the products are such scams.

You think you crave your own time away from your kids…until you’re away from your kids. This sweet irony.

I grew up using Allrecipes and apparently it’s more used than I thought! On that note, this strawberry lemonade is perfect for summer.

What is six months to 43 years in solitary confinement? Focusing on the issue: “Suddenly they [most privileged white people] realize the system’s harshness. They realize it’s overly focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. They realize the system ignores individual humanity and frequently makes it more likely someone will commit future crimes, instead of less.” 


saturday surf

By chef Lisa Blevins

HI, I’m Dr. Liu, DMD. YES, IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED. The robes were donned and I practically ran across that stage. It’s been a blur these past few weeks, but the confetti is settling and it’s time to just…relax. Is it bad that I don’t even know what that means? I’ve been so wired on DENTAL-SCHOOL-COMPLETION mode that I’ve forgotten how to live like a normal human being. Why don’t we start by browsing the interwebs together for a little?

I love Ellie Kemper.

This cobb salad looks too good to be healthy.

Wait, Uber is the new way for transporting drugs?

I am using this list for inspiration for future clothing buys.

When I’m ready to buy new undergarments, I’m heading here.

I am a HUGE fan of this Kickstarter and its production of an amazing book for girls.

Obituaries my mother wrote for me while I was living in San Francis in my twenties. LOL.

When a Wall Street consultant becomes a medieval fight club warrior, Game of Thrones style.

This lady wants ME-ternity leave. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. Commence massive eye rolls.

Graduating now means I need to get a handle on my loans. I’m using this– free!- website to help figure it out.

There’s nothing wrong with book clubs for men but these quotes are obscene. On that note, a book-of-the-month subscription has caught my eye! Perhaps my belated graduation gift?

Pictured above is dinner at Izakaya MEW, Midtown West, NYC, NY. 

saturday surf

 It s time for

Friends, I’m writing you from a  new world. I am officially done with dental school!!! My patient list is zero, I’ve terminated my clinical privileges and all there is to do now is drink copiously in celebration. When I’m not tossing back drinks, I’m hoping to make the most of my remaining time in Philadelphia. Today I checked out the Science Festival at Penn’s Landing, bought some groceries at the Italian Market and am going to shop in Center City. These are good times, people. Good times. If you’re lazying about at home, here are some things I’ve been browsing recently:

90 days to managing

When friends are family.

Ooh savory oatmeal for breakfast.

When the rent is too good to be true… 

I want to learn how to be an avocado magician

This springtime cobb salad looks too good to  be healthy.

BALL PIT. I’m totally getting this for Zooey’s next birthday.  

This up close footage of a kangaroo is honestly kind of terrifying. 

Everybody is just looking for a human connection. In Japan especially. 

Behind all those blurred naked private parts is a business like the Blur Man Group.