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coffee talk

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Hello! I’m broadcasting today whilst nestled in a cardigan and nursing a hot coffee with almond milk and collagen. (YES, I hopped on that bandwagon. We shall see if it is as life-changing as the media has been saying.)

Let’s catch up, yes?

Today I discovered a crack on my phone screen which means (1) Even the Otterbox cannot protect my phone from me. (2) I will never hear the end of this from my sister.

In other electronic failures, my laptop has been forlornly collecting dust because the WiFi card stopped working. The genius at Apple told me the easy fix would be to get an external WiFi antenna. Well..the first didn’t work with the router, the second didn’t work with the laptop, the third didn’t work because my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive to download the needed files! I am borrowing a laptop until I can drag myself to Best Buy in the hopes that someone knows what my laptop needs.

But enough technical gripes!

November was a month of experiences: I went to my first soccer game (NYC vs. Toronto for the MLS Cup Playoffs Match). I also went to Six Flags in NJ where way too many curse words flew out of my mouth due to sheer terror. With age amusement parks are less amusing and more terrifying.

I’m now counting down the days until my mom comes into town. I’ve been planning places to eat, things to do and generally preparing my apartment and life so she can see I am a fully functioning adult that eats enough vegetables.

I’m also counting down the days until our whole family is reunited in January! I last saw everyone in October when I went to North Carolina to see their new home. It’s a gorgeous place and getting away from crazy New York was nice. Still, I think I’ve become a city dweller because I found the pace possibly…too slow!? Who am I!?

I’m going to try and spend the rest of the day cleaning and meal prepping and basically avoiding being a degenerate.

I hope you’ve been having a great Sunday!


An idea for breakfast spaghetti?

I love reading predictions of wellness trends.

Rescue goats are a thing? Future hobby emerging.

On my weekend to do list: scallion pancake challah.

New York has an underground park that I have to check out.

I love the idea of a cookbook club! If you know of one in NYC, hook a girl up.

A collection of bodyweight exercises by Gina who always comes up with real burners.

I have been craving gingersnapsThese chai snickerdoodles have also been calling my name!

I am unashamed to admit I purchased a bar of Kerrygold after reading this butter taste test. It was delicious.

Purchases Black Friday weekend included J. Crew Chelsea rain boots (40% off purchase) and a Glossier balm (20% off everything + free shipping).

laden with apples

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How is it, while trying to put together a single outfit, clothes have scattered throughout my entire apartment like I stuck a Claymore mine in my closet? I am wholeheartedly ignoring all of it. Let’s also forget the rack of dry clothes in my living room and the dishes teetering in the sink. After all, it’s FALL, my most favorite season of the year!

There is nothing more celebratory of crisp air and the burst of orange hues in the trees than a trip to Linvilla Orchards.* A few girlfriends and I took a trip out there this past Sunday. The orchard is in Media, a 30 minute drive from the city, and it was POPPING. I went last year in November but October seems to be the peak of the season! The trees were laden with apples and the smell of all the best carnival foods hit our senses as soon as we stepped out of the car.

Apple Picking 7 of 25

These butterfly potato chips were the perfect crisp. And there were blooming onions and funnel cake and deep fried pickles… I had a strong flashback of trips to the Texas State Fair. Be still, my clogged heart.

Apple 1 of 1

Now for the apple picking! The orchard is HUGE. I’m fond of a crisp apple that ranges from sweet to mildly tart and ended up getting the Mutsu, Golden Delicious and Fuji Autumn Rose. Apples are $2.29/pound or $29.95 for a box, or 1/2 bushel. It’s more worth it to get a box and splitting it with another person!

We stopped by the market after dropping off our boxes. The market sells fresh produce as well as preserves and baked goods. I picked up a Dutch apple pie for clinic, pumpkin whoopie pies for friends, applesauce and apple cider! We didn’t end up going to Pumpkinland but I would recommend it based on my trip last year. There are all types of pumpkins, big and small, smooth and warty, and even goose-necked ones. I heard later from a friend that in the evening a bonfire is lit and there are smores to be made and hot cider to be drunk !!! Linvilla, you fulfill all of this Southerner girl’s fall dreams.

Apple Picking 25 of 25

* This post is NOT sponsored. I just really, really like this orchard.

a wild ride

IMG 4247

I AM HOME. If only for a hot second.

At the end of September, I packed my bags and headed to Negril, Jamaica to put my dental skills to work. We did everything from cleanings to extractions. It was great experiencing a chance for our dental fingers to fly from that school nest. A fine layer of sweat was ever present but we were pumped and the days flew by too quickly. If you’re interested in participating in a dental service trip, I would recommend Great Smile! Inc 1000 Smiles Dental Project. The team was warm, welcoming and just overall fantastic. It also helped that we stayed in an all-inclusive resort. I miss those endless frozen pina coladas..

IMG 4151

After I got back from Jamaica, it was time to head down to New Orleans for Melissa’s big day! This girl and I have been hanging out since I was drooling over pensive Chad Michael Murray in One Tree Hill. I was so happy to be part of her wedding party, especially since all the food was ah-may-zing! Seriously, it was a never ending stream of Cajun goodness. I’m still sad I never got to try those mini muffalettas..


A week later, I headed to Boston to see my family. We wanted to end the summer with a bang by heading to…PRINCE EDWARDS ISLAND! YES, LAND OF ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. Amy and I grew up reading so many of L.M. Montgomery’s books. (Truth: I began a novel when I was twelve with a heroine named Kit that was inspired by Anne Shirley.) We were over the moon we would finally get to enjoy the mystical land of PEI. I will most definitely be posting a Boston to PEI travel guide, including all our stops.


So, yeah, it’s been a wild ride this month. 

And, yes, despite the fact that I am never home, I am still in school. After this weekend’s escape from Pope-calypse, I will be staying put because ohmylanta the NERB and NBDE Part II are COMING. And let’s not forget finishing my PASS application and seeing patients so I can actually graduate on time… Time to get crack-a-lacking.

a steady stream of busyness

Wow. Once my laptop gave it’s last whir, it’s been all quiet on the interweb front.

Since my visit to Austin with my girlfriends, it’s been a steady stream of busyness here. There’s been a few visits to Boston with a trip to Newport for my mother’s birthday and to Cape Cod for July 4th. Details to come soon!

I also managed to pack up my apartment and wrangle some people into helping me move. Friends, I promise next year I will hire movers. Thank you for not killing me and excusing my inability to pack.

Lastly, possibly most importantly, after hustling for points, I AM A SENIOR. Hallelujah, the year has finally come! Now it’s time to buckle down and decide if I want to do a residency or enter the workforce…

On a less nerve-wracking note, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Las Vegas, baby! For the first time! I’m joining a group of gals to celebrate my oldest and dearest friend’s last days as a single lady. And, after watching a Magic Mike XXL trailer, I hope the Chippendales live up to expectations.

I will report back.

Picture above: sunset at Castle Hill Inn, 590 Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI.

life lately 

On the walk to the subway, the light seeps past the buildings, bathing these gorgeous flower-laden trees. The Southerner in me can’t handle how gorgeous spring is in the Northeast. My favorite place especially is the corridor around the corner from my place. The wind will rustle through the trees and wisps of white and pink dance in the air. Chibi and I will stroll through and often I’ll turn my face up to watch the plump bees happily at work. And the street itself! I am especially fond of one small business that has planted the most gorgeous ranunculus that stand singularly and proud amongst the rest.  

This past week was both refreshing and highly baffling. Finals ended and now we only have three classes remaining on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the occasional Wednesday. I’m not quite sure what to do with the all the free time! I know things will pick up once the seniors graduate and I go from “rising senior” to actual senior (!!!) so I’m trying to enjoy it by binging on my shows, working out more, and catching up with friends and family. And cooking! (The above is a brie, spinach and caramelized onion quesadilla mmm) 

The great thing about not being so bogged down in classes is that I was able to get this senior panel done. It was put together very last minute but we had a great turnout from all the different classes. The seniors-who have probably all mentally left the building-were so sweet in attending and talking with us very confused D1s to D3s. The key thing I learned: I need to get cracking on figuring out who to ask for recommendations! Pre-dental/dental students, find mentors. I would be so lost in dental school without the buoying support of classmates, seniors, professors and dentists.

By the way, I hope you liked my London travel guide! Sadly, my laptop took its last whirring gasp a few weeks ago so I’m iPad bound until I get a new one. But I’ll be working on an Iceland travel guide as soon as I do!

While we’re talking about travel, I am so excited about my trip to Austin THIS WEEKEND with two of my favorite girls from dental school! It’ll be sweet to return back to the South and I’m thrilled to show them all the good eats and fun that Texas has to offer. 

And that’s life lately. It feel big and bountiful and as thrilling as it is maddening. 

life lately {home}

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1. finals are here and i have a newfound love for strawberry twizzlers.// 2. one particularly crowded floating shelf.// 3. hello little bed nook.// 4. a haphazard collection.

life lately {mat is here!}

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1. i finally try amish food.// 2. details in architecture undo me.// it too soon to say i love this city?// 4. after waiting 45 minutes at jim’s steaks for a philly cheesesteak, the moment felt epic.