Let me tell you a secret.

I’m scared about moving. In a month, I’ll be 1574 miles from home. I’ve moved once before from Louisiana to Texas, which rocked my thirteen-year-old self, but this move from Texas to Pennsylvania is more than a hop, skip and a jump away. It’ll be my first time away from home for more than a few months, which feels childish to say, but it’s home.

It’s waking up to my mother singing my name obnoxiously loud at an equally obnoxious hour to get coffee and bagels. It’s brunch with my girlfriends. It’s awkward high school years, ridiculous college years, and amusing post-grad years rolled in a flurry of emotion-laden memories.

So lifetoast was born to keep me connected to home. It’s my way of curling up with a steaming hot latte and catching up. To share recipes and projects, discuss dilemmas, gush about my newest fashion love.

And make new connections!

Because, as nerve-wracked as I am, I’ve had wanderlust for years and dreamt of living somewhere new. To try new things and make new friends. To dip my toes into adulthood.

So here’s to that too.


It’s been a solid four years since this Southern born and bred girl-woman?!-has soaked up rays in the arid Texas heat. Dental school has flown by in all its intense fervor and now it’s on to a new chapter and a new city: residency in New York.