plying ourselves with the good stuff

by ann

Food 27 of 29

In celebration of the resumed consumption of chametz, we are plying ourselves with the good stuff. Pizza and garlic knots a la Papa John’s; pretzels baking in the oven; cinnamon rolls puffing up in preparation. We are very serious about our breads here.

I hope you’re having a good start to the week as well! Here’s a little of what I’ve been browsing recently:

Thai food to make at home.

Marriage tweets that made me laugh.

A beautiful telling of one person’s seder

How retail is succumbing to e-commerce.

Utilizing my favorite fish for an argula salad dressing.

This puff piece on coconut infused dental floss pains me.

Buffalo wing soup dumpling with skin crackling. Genius.

A few Q+As about this week’s mistake in handling a customer.

If you’re in need of home goods, Canvas Home is my new crush.

My current read is Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. It pains me most to see the callousness of the young towards the elderly.