saturday surf

by ann

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I’m getting a rare moment of solitude right now. I won’t say silence because the sun has decided to participate in the day and the birds are all too happy about this. Not that I mind. After a week of Seattle-worthy mist and rain, I am ready to toss my face back to welcome the sun’s return. My friend Jin and I are going to meet up and wander the city. Before that, I wanted to pop by and share what I’ve been browsing these days:

All spicy things call to me.

This dress is all around too cute.

My next kitchen project is sauerkraut.

Sometimes all a person needs is your presence.

For sweets, I’m contemplating making cinnamon rolls.

An absolute favorite treat for me is anchovies in the simplest way.

Ray Rice is eligible to play again and campaigning that he’s changed.

When one uses chemical weapons, you have to wonder what was he thinking?

As more people I know get engaged, I remembered this article. These pre-marital questions are still relevant.

Book(s) update: I finished Wednesday Letters and Small Great Things and have begun The Position. Wednesday Letters was cute- a little cheesy/preachy at times but that ending…crazy. Small Great Things is an amazing book that does a great job going headlong discussing racism. The Position is interesting so far but I’m not IN LOVE. I’ll continue to plow through and maybe it’ll surprise me in the end.