saturday surf

by ann


The wind is pushing on the glass panes, hopeful that its shrieking will make me let it in. No can do. I’ve been keeping my chin tucked and focused on the day to day, hoping to eventually peer up and see spring in all its sun-soaked gloriousness.

This week has been particularly weary. Wave after wave of patients-angry, impatient, frustrated-has worn me down. Though my patience grows reed thin, I understand their annoyance. Hospitals can be inefficient beasts.

I am embracing this weekend with plans to meet up with friends and going to the BBG meetup on Sunday. I hope your weekend is lovely, friends.

By the by, here’s what I’ve been browsing this week:

My spring shoe choice.

An op-ed on choosing a universal wine glass.

I’ve got eyes on this tumeric tahini sauce for a salad.

My interest is piqued by this hemp extract oil…and its effects.

The seven units time management strategy for a win-win weekend.

Glossier had a pop up shop in NY and I recently picked up the Generation G in Leo after watching this Youtuber talk about it.

Book update: I finished reading A Man Called Ove and…oh my. The tears came so fast and I was sniffling so intensely that I’m sure my roommates were concerned. Today I start The Wednesday Letters and am impatiently waiting for Delancey to arrive in the mail.