coffee talk

by ann

2017 0325 13152000

I woke up today with few concerns except battling if I wanted to work out. I pushed myself to go, was so glad I did, and then headed to the grocery store. For some people, grocery shopping is a chore. I love walking through the aisles, seeing what new products are in. I find the process soothing. Today’s haul included a kombucha and a fancy hummus among other things. Energy waning, caffeine was found at a nearby cafe. There I sipped on a latte, daydreaming and journaling. Hopping onto the 1, I spent the time reading A Man Named Ove, which made me chuckle and tear up too. It’s a fine book.

Did I bore you to death with the tales of my Sunday? It wasn’t wild for sure. I needed recuperation after Saturday’s restaurant/bar hopping. Still, today was a good day. Simple and solitary but there’s a luxury in that.

I hope your weekend was blissful as well. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been browsing:

This rattan purse.

Shawarma, veggie style.

A tasty slaw to make this week.

Yes, I too drink that SoulCycle kool-aid.

Not using social media is now called “going ‘90s.” My age is showing.

Emma Roberts is starting a book club on Instagram; I’m not opposed.

On understanding why someone hears one thing while another goes on.

I am considering counting macros, which honestly seems overwhelming.

One of my mom’s favorite things to do is stock my fridge. Right now I have hefty bags of scallops, shrimp and tilapia. This is next on my list for the scallops.

These elementary flashbacks made me sigh and think of when I used to have plastic ruler wars with my friends. Thinking back, I’m surprised I didn’t get detention more.