2017 adventuring, so far

by ann

We are well into the new year, people.

December was beautiful, mainly because my mom spent a few days with me in New York. I would rush home after work, we’d hurdle on the 1 train into Manhattan and bop around shopping and eating trendy foods (bone broth at Springbone! poke bowls at Sons & Thunder!).

January I headed to see the family. North Carolina was perfection like always. We even snuck away for a day to Great Wolf Lodge where Zooey got to go down huge water slides and experience kiddie casino.

Winter in New York makes it brutal for me to want to emerge from my cocoon of throw blankets but I made it out here and there..

Don’t worry. There’s been plenty of cooking and baking, from trying out Molly Yeh’s tahini chocolate chip cookies to expanding my challah repertoire (babkachallah!). My co-residents are currently my taste testers. 

Tomorrow is THE BIG SNOW STORM and people are all running around madly. Best of all, WORK IS CANCELLED. I didn’t even know I was allowed snow days as an adult! I love it!

My plans are to do laundry, work on a puzzle that’s been waiting patiently to be opened and read. If you’re in the northeast, stay warm and safe. If you’ve got a snow day like me, here’s some of what I’ve been looking at:

Here‘s a total body circuit to try.

I’ve got pottery classes on the mind.

I am intrigued by this cauliflower risotto.

A great way to use leftover everything bagels.

The biggest threat facing middle-aged men is…loneliness.

These naturally dyed linens call to my love of all things pastel.

Currently watching Shameless. It’s crazy insane and tugs at my heartstrings.

Perfection is in the get-togethers, especially if you’re gathered over warm cheesy pesto bread.

My newest blog reading addiction is blogs by women in medicine like this one by dermatology resident Elyse Love.