coffee talk

by ann

Family 39 of 170

Hello! I’m broadcasting today whilst nestled in a cardigan and nursing a hot coffee with almond milk and collagen. (YES, I hopped on that bandwagon. We shall see if it is as life-changing as the media has been saying.)

Let’s catch up, yes?

Today I discovered a crack on my phone screen which means (1) Even the Otterbox cannot protect my phone from me. (2) I will never hear the end of this from my sister.

In other electronic failures, my laptop has been forlornly collecting dust because the WiFi card stopped working. The genius at Apple told me the easy fix would be to get an external WiFi antenna. Well..the first didn’t work with the router, the second didn’t work with the laptop, the third didn’t work because my laptop doesn’t have a disc drive to download the needed files! I am borrowing a laptop until I can drag myself to Best Buy in the hopes that someone knows what my laptop needs.

But enough technical gripes!

November was a month of experiences: I went to my first soccer game (NYC vs. Toronto for the MLS Cup Playoffs Match). I also went to Six Flags in NJ where way too many curse words flew out of my mouth due to sheer terror. With age amusement parks are less amusing and more terrifying.

I’m now counting down the days until my mom comes into town. I’ve been planning places to eat, things to do and generally preparing my apartment and life so she can see I am a fully functioning adult that eats enough vegetables.

I’m also counting down the days until our whole family is reunited in January! I last saw everyone in October when I went to North Carolina to see their new home. It’s a gorgeous place and getting away from crazy New York was nice. Still, I think I’ve become a city dweller because I found the pace possibly…too slow!? Who am I!?

I’m going to try and spend the rest of the day cleaning and meal prepping and basically avoiding being a degenerate.

I hope you’ve been having a great Sunday!


An idea for breakfast spaghetti?

I love reading predictions of wellness trends.

Rescue goats are a thing? Future hobby emerging.

On my weekend to do list: scallion pancake challah.

New York has an underground park that I have to check out.

I love the idea of a cookbook club! If you know of one in NYC, hook a girl up.

A collection of bodyweight exercises by Gina who always comes up with real burners.

I have been craving gingersnapsThese chai snickerdoodles have also been calling my name!

I am unashamed to admit I purchased a bar of Kerrygold after reading this butter taste test. It was delicious.

Purchases Black Friday weekend included J. Crew Chelsea rain boots (40% off purchase) and a Glossier balm (20% off everything + free shipping).