sunday surf

by ann


Hello, friends!

I’m on serious vacation mode right now. Last week I visited my family in Boston-for the last time!- and went on a mother-daughter road trip to Quebec. There was a lot of croissant eating. The next two weeks I have a rotation which is giving me lots of free time aka allowing me to keep very up-to-date on my Instagream feed and, when I’m feeling productive, to read on my Kindle.

I’m prepping for the week by doing laundry and tidying my itty bitty room. I’m rushing it though because hellooo Sunday is still the weekend! Let’s not forget that and enjoy it! I’m going out in a bit to picnic in the park and watch everyone scramble to catch Pokemon. Have a good Sunday, ya’ll!

By the by, here’s what’s been crowding my browser recently:

This ring!

Sorry, not sorry.

Life outside of prison.

This aqua fresca looks SO good.

How God created animals. Teehee.

I’m always down for a good BLT salad.

My next buy for lips. (I’m thinking Crush.)

The story of why you need a fuck-off fund.

A shake up in your health and fitness thoughts.

If you’re in Manhattan, here’s something you should get delivered for lunch this week.

Apparently those food products at TJ Maxx aren’t completely random! I wonder if the same thing applies for Marshall’s…