july 4th surf

by ann

Toddler s knowing God 2

Hello friends.

I hope you’re sitting poolside, sipping pink drinks. I shopped at Jersey Gardens yesterday and was like woah. The amount of stores-and people!- was serious sensory overload. I spent the rest of the weekend arm deep in all my things, KonMari-ing the hell out of my apartment. Transplanting yourself to New York gives you a reality check on how much stuff you own.

Now that I’m organized I’m ready to start my residency this week! It’s been nice getting a break but a few weeks in and I’m antsy and bored. I’m heading out to enjoy the rest of the day. Have a great fourth!

Here’s what I was browsing while I was not unpacking last week:

I’m all about antipasto salad.

I’m really into fringe bags right now.

A wonderful way to use your summer fruits.

Some thoughts on my engagement ring. LOL.

Why being yourself isn’t always the way to go.

For Serial listeners, Adnan Syed is getting a new trial.

Women supporting other women via sexting. Kind of beautiful.

I should really try my hand at making my own barbecue sauce.

Need to be inspired? Commencement speeches are the way to go.

You know how you dislike first dates? So do the restaurants you go to.

I’m over make up and into skin care. Here are 15 products that dermatologists swear by.

Summer time always makes me think of childhood trips to Taiwan, especially eating street food like popcorn chicken.

Choosing a school for my daughter in a segregated city. This is the conundrum: do you place your child into a school to better the system or is that an unfair sacrifice to your child?