saturday surf

by ann


This past week I stole away to Fire Island for some much needed quiet. Having no specific schedule to follow beyond breathing that salt-dampened air was delicious. Now I’m back in the hustle but, hey, it’s only the beginning of the weekend!

I hope this find you enjoying these beautiful summer days with the windows open to the cool breeze.

Saturdays here are for lazying about, sure, but also for reflection. Sometimes it’s about lifting our heads out of our own lives and taking stock of the world around us. It’s been a heavy month and there’s been a lot of food for thought out there.

Here are the highs and lows, silly and serious, because that’s how the world turns:

On that term radical Islam.

Chilaquiles are my definition of perfection for brunch.

No matter what you do, you’ll marry the wrong person.

Here’s my pick for pudding this week: one savory, one sweet.

A starvation experiment that says: HEY, don’t let dieting take over your life.

This is why when you are arrested you should be quiet and ask for a lawyer.

Is it naive to just believe what people say at face value and just have some empathy?

Women, let’s just talk the way we want to talk. Spoiler alert: you’re damned no matter what you do.

Instagram influencers backing products like teatox saddens me because the products are such scams.

You think you crave your own time away from your kids…until you’re away from your kids. This sweet irony.

I grew up using Allrecipes and apparently it’s more used than I thought! On that note, this strawberry lemonade is perfect for summer.

What is six months to 43 years in solitary confinement? Focusing on the issue: “Suddenly they [most privileged white people] realize the system’s harshness. They realize it’s overly focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. They realize the system ignores individual humanity and frequently makes it more likely someone will commit future crimes, instead of less.”