Month: June, 2016

saturday surf


Happy chatter ebbed and flowed from the bars as I walked back to my apartment. I weaved through the Gayborhood’s alleys with ease as passing restaurants and bars lit up memories from these four years. It struck me that I’m going to miss this place.

It’s funny since I’ve been counting down the days to this moment.

Moving to Philadelphia yanked away my security blanket. I could no longer peek out at the world from behind a wall of family and friends. I was terrified.

Let me tell you a secret.

On orientation day, I hid in the bathroom on the second floor when we were dismissed for lunch.

I felt so alone. In college, I had met most of my friends through my best friend. Here, at last, I had to figure it out myself. And.. somehow I did it.

I walked into the second floor waiting lobby, saw a girl sitting alone and asked if I could sit next to her. I silently praised God when she said yes. That girl and I didn’t become best friends. We never talked again actually. But I will always remember her for giving me the courage to keep trying. Even if she didn’t know it.

From then on, it was a blur.

I made friends and lost friends. I laughed a lot. Cried a lot. Most likely drank too much. I explored many a beer garden and many a restaurant. I started doing yoga. I got involved with school organizations and went to Jamaica with one. I travelled with my family abroad for the first time. Then we wandered all along the Northeast coast.

I just.. said yes. To everything. And I loved it. All of it. Even the mistakes.

So I guess what I’m saying in the wee hours of this Saturday is… take a moment. Breathe your life in. Know that there will ALWAYS be something you can complain about but take joy in the bits and pieces. Catching up with a good friend. A bear hug from a loved one. A deliciously juicy hamburger. Breathlessly reading a page turner of a book. Feeling a gentle breeze as you duck under a shady tree, hiding from the summer heat. Those little slips of joy are what make life so precious.

Sweet dreams.


And, if you can’t sleep, here are some of the things that caught my eye this week:

When you are not an alcoholic.

A healthy Klondike bar. Gimme gimme.

Lunch ideas involve this bowl and these fajitas.

I am digging this website with free yoga videos.

This is the perfect summer gift. Fun BUT still useful.

Need to review making fresh pasta for a weekend project.

An interview with Constance Wu, the badass/hard ass mom on Fresh off the Boat.

If you’ve caught wind of Brexit but are completely at a loss about what’s what, here are the basics.

I just got a jar of coconut oil. Apparently it’s the new Windex? Look at all these ways to use it! (Anyone get the My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference?)

Promposals? Is this stuff for real? When I got asked to prom, it went like this: “Hey, so, like, do you wanna go to prom with me?” in a stairwell on my way to my next class.

saturday surf


This past week I stole away to Fire Island for some much needed quiet. Having no specific schedule to follow beyond breathing that salt-dampened air was delicious. Now I’m back in the hustle but, hey, it’s only the beginning of the weekend!

I hope this find you enjoying these beautiful summer days with the windows open to the cool breeze.

Saturdays here are for lazying about, sure, but also for reflection. Sometimes it’s about lifting our heads out of our own lives and taking stock of the world around us. It’s been a heavy month and there’s been a lot of food for thought out there.

Here are the highs and lows, silly and serious, because that’s how the world turns:

On that term radical Islam.

Chilaquiles are my definition of perfection for brunch.

No matter what you do, you’ll marry the wrong person.

Here’s my pick for pudding this week: one savory, one sweet.

A starvation experiment that says: HEY, don’t let dieting take over your life.

This is why when you are arrested you should be quiet and ask for a lawyer.

Is it naive to just believe what people say at face value and just have some empathy?

Women, let’s just talk the way we want to talk. Spoiler alert: you’re damned no matter what you do.

Instagram influencers backing products like teatox saddens me because the products are such scams.

You think you crave your own time away from your kids…until you’re away from your kids. This sweet irony.

I grew up using Allrecipes and apparently it’s more used than I thought! On that note, this strawberry lemonade is perfect for summer.

What is six months to 43 years in solitary confinement? Focusing on the issue: “Suddenly they [most privileged white people] realize the system’s harshness. They realize it’s overly focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. They realize the system ignores individual humanity and frequently makes it more likely someone will commit future crimes, instead of less.” 


the dental residency application process

Partner s presentation 1

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re getting some well-deserved rest today. I got a recent email asking about the application process  for residency and realized I got ahead of myself discussing the interview. Let’s start here instead: how to apply for programs.

1. PASS is the application service used by most residencies.

2. MATCH is what determines what program you go to. The program ranks the candidates. You rank the programs. Based on a computer algorithm, you are matched to your future residency program.

2a. Not all programs participate in the MATCH (though many do). The list of what programs are participating should be posted August 1.

2b. If you participate in MATCH, it’s a binding agreement. Do NOT rank a program if you have no interest in going there. Generally, there is a high statistic that you will get your first or second choice BUT if you do end up getting matched to a lower ranked choice you are still obligated to attend that program.

2c. If you apply for a program that does not participate in the Match and you get an interview there, you may get an offer post-interview, which gives you a conundrum if you are applying to programs participating in the MATCH. If you decide to accept an offer at a non-MATCH school, you must withdraw from the MATCH prior to the rank list submission deadline.

3. Start thinking about recommendation letters once you enter clinic. If you’re doing the Match, you’ll need at least 2 letters of recommendation (LORs) and 3 PPIs. You will submit a request to your evaluator through the PASS website.

4. What are PPIs? PPIs, also known as Personal Potential Index, are evaluations. However, it is different from a LOR. The PPI asks a set of questions regarding personal attributes. Something important to note is that there is a section where your evaluator can add commentary to the questions. It is preferred to choose an evaluator who will add more to the evaluation beyond just answering the questions.

If you are submitting a PASS application, access the PPI website via the ADEA PASS which will re-direct you to the PPI site where you submit a PPI request to your evaluator. The request will tell your evaluator how to sign up for the site and how to do the evaluation.

5. To find out more about programs, I would check the ADEA PASS search engine. Additionally, I would visit the individual programs websites and contact the program directors because the ADEA PASS website is not always up to date.

6. Here are additional documents that you should check if the program is requesting:

  • Unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Official dental school transcript
  • DAT score
  • Official NBDE score
  • 2” x 2” headshot
  • Supplemental application

7. Here’s a very general timeline:

  • pre-OCT: Register for Match.
  • JAN: Talk to doctors about your interest in residencies and writing a LOR/PPI.
  • MAR: Confirm with doctors who are writing your LOR/PPI.
  • mid- MAY: PASS application opens
  • late OCT- mid NOV: Phase I rank list submission (ORTHODONTICS)
  • mid-DEC-mid-JAN: Phase II rank list submission (AEGD, GPR, OMFS, PEDS)