saturday surf

by ann

By chef Lisa Blevins

HI, I’m Dr. Liu, DMD. YES, IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED. The robes were donned and I practically ran across that stage. It’s been a blur these past few weeks, but the confetti is settling and it’s time to just…relax. Is it bad that I don’t even know what that means? I’ve been so wired on DENTAL-SCHOOL-COMPLETION mode that I’ve forgotten how to live like a normal human being. Why don’t we start by browsing the interwebs together for a little?

I love Ellie Kemper.

This cobb salad looks too good to be healthy.

Wait, Uber is the new way for transporting drugs?

I am using this list for inspiration for future clothing buys.

When I’m ready to buy new undergarments, I’m heading here.

I am a HUGE fan of this Kickstarter and its production of an amazing book for girls.

Obituaries my mother wrote for me while I was living in San Francis in my twenties. LOL.

When a Wall Street consultant becomes a medieval fight club warrior, Game of Thrones style.

This lady wants ME-ternity leave. It is as ridiculous as it sounds. Commence massive eye rolls.

Graduating now means I need to get a handle on my loans. I’m using this– free!- website to help figure it out.

There’s nothing wrong with book clubs for men but these quotes are obscene. On that note, a book-of-the-month subscription has caught my eye! Perhaps my belated graduation gift?

Pictured above is dinner at Izakaya MEW, Midtown West, NYC, NY.