saturday surf

by ann

 It s time for

Friends, I’m writing you from a  new world. I am officially done with dental school!!! My patient list is zero, I’ve terminated my clinical privileges and all there is to do now is drink copiously in celebration. When I’m not tossing back drinks, I’m hoping to make the most of my remaining time in Philadelphia. Today I checked out the Science Festival at Penn’s Landing, bought some groceries at the Italian Market and am going to shop in Center City. These are good times, people. Good times. If you’re lazying about at home, here are some things I’ve been browsing recently:

90 days to managing

When friends are family.

Ooh savory oatmeal for breakfast.

When the rent is too good to be true… 

I want to learn how to be an avocado magician

This springtime cobb salad looks too good to  be healthy.

BALL PIT. I’m totally getting this for Zooey’s next birthday.  

This up close footage of a kangaroo is honestly kind of terrifying. 

Everybody is just looking for a human connection. In Japan especially. 

Behind all those blurred naked private parts is a business like the Blur Man Group.