saturday surf

by ann


Fluffy flakes of snow are drifting today, folks. I made a run out to get groceries but my game plan is to stay indoors the rest of the night. There are plans to go out out dancing but two games of Slap Cup did me in yesterday so I think a night of guilty TV shows might be my medicine. If you’re staying indoors, here are some of my web browsing highlights for this week:

A recipe for tamale chicken pot.

Rewards that aren’t food or shopping.

I’m a huge HGTV fan and love these summer home ideas under 30K.

Michael Pollan’s documentary series Cooked was a fascinating watch this week.

I just recently discovered firefly flights and some great ways to decorate with them.

When I exercise, I usually do a lot of HIIT so I am a huge fan of these workout routines.

Tomorrow is Sunday aka BrunchDay. Here are some mimosa recipes to consider trying.

Apparently Chik-Fil-A’s secret for chicken is pickle brining?! Here’s a recipe to try that out.

This week I made chocolate chip cookies which were good but I want BETTER. I’m going to try one of the recipes mentioned here.

By the way, if you’ve never heard of Slap Cup- like me until yesterday-it’s mentioned here as one of eleven drinking games. I’ve played seven of them so far. Yay?

Pictured above is a cocktail from Fado, Center City, Philadelphia, PA.