saturday surf

by ann


Happy Saturday!

Today’s all about taking it slow: putter around the house, put away those piles of clean laundry and figure out what’s actually edible in my fridge. Before I do that though, I’m sipping a mug of hazelnut coffee and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re all caught up on your shows, here are a few things that caught my eye this week:

On why we chill our eggs.

This bread is on my to try list. 

Thoughtful questions to ask before marriage.

I love these stories of animal/human connections!

I have a pasta machine so it’s time to crank out some ravioli dough. 

Here are some ideas for cardio body weight exercises to use next week. 

Let’s make something easy and sweet. Perhaps a strawberry mascarpone tart?

I’m not big on sports but I found this story on the influence athletes have for big business intriguing.

Remember choose-your-own-adventure books? Now apply it to a K-drama and you get this. Like whaaa?!