saturday surf

by ann

Saturday Surf 1

Hello, hello! I am in Boston for the weekend and am awaiting the birth of my nephew!!! Until then, Zooey and I are breaking all the rules and eating ice cream before dinner. Spoiler: Yes, it really does ruin your dinner. While we are awaiting the newest Merz, let’s browse the interwebs together:

I am getting this for Zooey next winter.

Uhm is it bad that I love dad jokes? Teehee.

Interested in trying this Greek dish skordalia.

The commonality of plastic surgery in South Korea is shocking.

There’s an app for everything these days, including niche dating.

I had Nashville hot chicken at KFC and now I want to make it via this recipe.

I feel like everyone is moving to Texas these days and the stats agree with me.

Here’s something for a party of one: homemade single serving mac and cheese.

Have you been watching The People vs. O.J.? I haven’t but I’m intrigued. Here’s Marcia Clark thoughts on it.

There is a conundrum when you call for help for a friend who ODs on drugs and this issue needs some serious fixing.

Yes, the premise behind this “super-secret world of L.A.’s coolest girls” sounds absolutely ridiculous but everyone needs and wants a support system. And that system will always be flawed because, hey, it will be made of humans.

Pictured above is the Paloma at Genuine Liquorette in Little Italy, NYC, NY.