sunday funday

by ann


It’s officially spring but, man, it still feels like winter. I am hustling it these days in clinic trying to graduate in time but this weekend was great because my oldest and dearest friend from Texas came and visited. It was a hard moment when she left because I had forgotten how much I missed having her around. I’m recuperating from my feels with a large mug of hazelnut coffee, meal prepping for the week and surfing the web:

Roman stew featuring ox tail.

Italian recipe for this week: bolognese sauce.

An almond brownie recipe to play around with.

Female heroes are even more important for boys than girls.

When I move, I’m going to try out this method of folding my clothes.

We shy away from the word abortion but it can mean different things.

Seeing my bestie reminded me of this article about female friendships.

Let’s consider how hard it is for the other person: what’s it like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane.

This election year is both fascinating and terrifying. Seeing things from different perspectives in The Great Unsettling.

I feel very mature liking this cereal. It has 24% of your daily fiber requirement and 4 grams of protein! I know it looks healthy-aka gross-but it’s lightly sweetened and surprisingly addictive.