saturday surf

by ann


Happy Saturday! Today I’m spending alll day with my momma bear who came in town to see her favorite student dentist. We are brunching and traipsing through Italian Market this morning. Momma loves a good deal on fruits and veggies! I hope your Saturday is going well too! I hope this post finds you lazying in your PJs with a mug of coffee ready to muse over some of the internet’s offerings:

Apparently Cacio e pepe is the it pasta of the year.

Missing Texas hard when I saw this huevos rancheros recipe.

A new blog I’m following for inspiration.

Amazon’s “bestseller” status is apparently a complete sham.

Did you watch Chris Rock’s Oscar monologue? I can’t decide if I think these jokes are amazing or too much.

I definitely have some of these bad hair habits.

Is a surrogate a mother? Let’s all agree there needs to be more regulation of surrogacy clinics.

A classy deconstructed smore.

Upcoming food trends. I agree that I’m over simple salads costing $15.

What romance means after 10 years of marriage.

Pictured above are COOOOOKIE monster cupcakes.