saturday surf

by ann


I just need parmesan cheese to make my own caesar salad dressing.

Elderly prostitutes in South Korea. It’s a sad story of neglect and loneliness.

These poems for married people crack me up.

Found a way to drink my soju!

Analysing Beyonce’s new song “Formation.”

Why fruits and vegetables taste better in Europe. Priorities, people.

On my freezer to-make list: chocolate chip cookies.

My mom and I had a discussion before about prepping. According to her, it’s time to hoard my kim chi and fermented bean curd.

How much should I sacrifice to make a relationship work? I have a not-so-secret love for advice columns.

David Tran was just making a humble hot sauce named Sriracha.. The important lesson is to make sure you can trademark your product so others can’t taint it.