saturday surf

by ann


I’m daydreaming about my trip last year to Austin with the girls. A little heat on my face sounds fabulous. Until then, I invite you to curl up with a cup of coffee and surf the Web with me!

Sunday roast sounds excellent. I’ve never made Yorkshire pudding so this article about the method to the madness is perfection.

I need to go here for pizza. Especially since it’s local! It’s been gaining a lot of attention.

Being pregnant with your wife– I imagine it’s hard enough dealing with a pregnant spouse but being pregnant at the same time…eye-opening.

I’m curious to try the exercise routine from THE class of exercise classes. And, yes, it’s literally called The Class.

Modern Love, one of my favorite NYT columns, now has a podcast!

These tips on how to freeze everything is AMAZING. Especially necessary since I recently went crazy at Costco.

I started bullet journaling during my second year of dental school and have done it on and off. I’m back on and using this notebook with this pen. I don’t love flipping up with the Rhodia notebook but I do love the grid paper. (This will be my next notebook.) I love the Pilot G2 0.38 mm pen. Sometimes the ink snags on finer paper because the tip is teeny tiny but I absolutely love how smoothly it writes.

I’ve been seeing harissa popping up everywhere and am excited to try it in my own cooking.

And, finally, an app for girls to make friends. Can’t lie, I’m intrigued.

Pictured above is the view from Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas.