laden with apples

by ann

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How is it, while trying to put together a single outfit, clothes have scattered throughout my entire apartment like I stuck a Claymore mine in my closet? I am wholeheartedly ignoring all of it. Let’s also forget the rack of dry clothes in my living room and the dishes teetering in the sink. After all, it’s FALL, my most favorite season of the year!

There is nothing more celebratory of crisp air and the burst of orange hues in the trees than a trip to Linvilla Orchards.* A few girlfriends and I took a trip out there this past Sunday. The orchard is in Media, a 30 minute drive from the city, and it was POPPING. I went last year in November but October seems to be the peak of the season! The trees were laden with apples and the smell of all the best carnival foods hit our senses as soon as we stepped out of the car.

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These butterfly potato chips were the perfect crisp. And there were blooming onions and funnel cake and deep fried pickles… I had a strong flashback of trips to the Texas State Fair. Be still, my clogged heart.

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Now for the apple picking! The orchard is HUGE. I’m fond of a crisp apple that ranges from sweet to mildly tart and ended up getting the Mutsu, Golden Delicious and Fuji Autumn Rose. Apples are $2.29/pound or $29.95 for a box, or 1/2 bushel. It’s more worth it to get a box and splitting it with another person!

We stopped by the market after dropping off our boxes. The market sells fresh produce as well as preserves and baked goods. I picked up a Dutch apple pie for clinic, pumpkin whoopie pies for friends, applesauce and apple cider! We didn’t end up going to Pumpkinland but I would recommend it based on my trip last year. There are all types of pumpkins, big and small, smooth and warty, and even goose-necked ones. I heard later from a friend that in the evening a bonfire is lit and there are smores to be made and hot cider to be drunk !!! Linvilla, you fulfill all of this Southerner girl’s fall dreams.

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* This post is NOT sponsored. I just really, really like this orchard.