shopping for: studs (on etsy!)

by ann

Untitled design 2

I never got into earrings much but on my trip to Jamaica I started noticing all the girls’ piercings. Ya’ll, these multiple piercings, especially the tragus, have been catching my eye. I became obsessed! I had a late night Etsy shopping craze and found SO MANY cute earrings on the site. So, on my trip to D.C., I took the plunge and got a second lobe piercing! I’m wearing the studs from the store BUT I wanted to share some of my favorite studs from my browsing.

From top to bottom, left to right:

1// Love these to the moon and back.

2// Druzy gems: sexy and studly, all at the same time.

3// Simple perfection via teeny tiny triangles.

4// Prettiest, bar none.

5// These mismatched, nautical themed studs sunk my heart.

6// Who can resist rose gold?