a wild ride

by ann

IMG 4247

I AM HOME. If only for a hot second.

At the end of September, I packed my bags and headed to Negril, Jamaica to put my dental skills to work. We did everything from cleanings to extractions. It was great experiencing a chance for our dental fingers to fly from that school nest. A fine layer of sweat was ever present but we were pumped and the days flew by too quickly. If you’re interested in participating in a dental service trip, I would recommend Great Smile! Inc 1000 Smiles Dental Project. The team was warm, welcoming and just overall fantastic. It also helped that we stayed in an all-inclusive resort. I miss those endless frozen pina coladas..

IMG 4151

After I got back from Jamaica, it was time to head down to New Orleans for Melissa’s big day! This girl and I have been hanging out since I was drooling over pensive Chad Michael Murray in One Tree Hill. I was so happy to be part of her wedding party, especially since all the food was ah-may-zing! Seriously, it was a never ending stream of Cajun goodness. I’m still sad I never got to try those mini muffalettas..


A week later, I headed to Boston to see my family. We wanted to end the summer with a bang by heading to…PRINCE EDWARDS ISLAND! YES, LAND OF ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. Amy and I grew up reading so many of L.M. Montgomery’s books. (Truth: I began a novel when I was twelve with a heroine named Kit that was inspired by Anne Shirley.) We were over the moon we would finally get to enjoy the mystical land of PEI. I will most definitely be posting a Boston to PEI travel guide, including all our stops.


So, yeah, it’s been a wild ride this month. 

And, yes, despite the fact that I am never home, I am still in school. After this weekend’s escape from Pope-calypse, I will be staying put because ohmylanta the NERB and NBDE Part II are COMING. And let’s not forget finishing my PASS application and seeing patients so I can actually graduate on time… Time to get crack-a-lacking.