saturday surf

by ann

Comes after

I’m hoping this Saturday finds you lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun. Before we surf the Internet together, I wanted to throw out this PSA: I am going NEXT Friday to Jamaica! I’m participating with fourteen of my classmates in the 1000 Smiles project to provide free dental care to locals in Negril, Jamaica. As part of my regular Surf Saturday, I’m adding this link. Click on it to read about our mission trip and consider donating to help cover the cost of supplies and allow us to do our most while we are down there. Thanks! Now onto our regularly broadcasted Surf Saturday…

This is my lust swimsuit. Minimalistic perfection.

Can’t wait for this movie to come out in November!

The real man behind the Dallas Buyers’ Club.

OMG. I need these watermelon Keds.

As well as this watermelon keg tapping kit.

Need to try my hand at making aioli.

This information-age satire sounds depressingly good.

Netflix is now offering unlimited maternity/paternity leave!

Aerie’s success with not retouching photos.

Females looking like an engineer.

Pictured above is a coffee planet: iced coffee with coffee ice cubes.