a steady stream of busyness

by ann

Wow. Once my laptop gave it’s last whir, it’s been all quiet on the interweb front.

Since my visit to Austin with my girlfriends, it’s been a steady stream of busyness here. There’s been a few visits to Boston with a trip to Newport for my mother’s birthday and to Cape Cod for July 4th. Details to come soon!

I also managed to pack up my apartment and wrangle some people into helping me move. Friends, I promise next year I will hire movers. Thank you for not killing me and excusing my inability to pack.

Lastly, possibly most importantly, after hustling for points, I AM A SENIOR. Hallelujah, the year has finally come! Now it’s time to buckle down and decide if I want to do a residency or enter the workforce…

On a less nerve-wracking note, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Las Vegas, baby! For the first time! I’m joining a group of gals to celebrate my oldest and dearest friend’s last days as a single lady. And, after watching a Magic Mike XXL trailer, I hope the Chippendales live up to expectations.

I will report back.

Picture above: sunset at Castle Hill Inn, 590 Ocean Avenue, Newport, RI.