london. day 4 + 5.

by ann


DAY 4.
St. Paul’s Cathedral (St. Paul’s)
Changing of the Guard (Knightsbridge)

The Pantechnicon Room

ST.PAUL’S CATHEDRAL_20150105.London Day 2.27Tickets were purchased in advance for St. Paul’s Cathedral. It came with an audio tour (I love these London churches and their audio tours!) and gave access to the underground crypt as well as the galleries in the dome. Go to all the galleries!

Whispering Gallery//_20150105.London Day 2.29The Whispering Gallery gives you a bird’s eye view of the cathedral. Plus it’s said that, if you and a friend stand on opposite sides of the gallery, you can whisper facing the wall and the sound of your voice will travel around the wall and reach your friend!

It’s 376 steps more to the Stone Gallery and another 528 steps to the Golden Gallery! Think skinny and walk carefully because the staircases can get pretty narrow. But the view is worth it.

From the Dome Gallery//_20150105.London Day 2.35

Changing of the Guards//
_20150105.London Day 2.39
Need a little British pomp and ceremony? Check out the changing of the guard in front of Buckingham Palace. Pro tip: Go early-say 45 minutes?- or you’ll be watching the ceremony from an iPad like I did. Womp womp.

_20150105.London Day 2.38

The Pantechnicon Room//
We walked from Buckingham Palace to this classy gastropub for lunch. I especially liked my vegetarian dish but I can’t remember the name of it! The butternut squash was also delicioso. It’s not a cheap eat but the food was fresh and seasonal.
Harrods// are hot cross buns and puffy cronuts! There is biltong and anchovy pastes! But that’s just a part of the ground floor! There’s gourmet teas and packages of truffles to buy and oh so many floors of luxury shopping! And the Toy Kingdom is a must.

Human-sized stuffed animals!

We ended our day with Malaysian fare at Tukdin. Sooo…service was absolutely atrocious here! There were surcharges for things not written on the menu, the rice paired with the entrée came out so late that we just shared our rice and there was no apology for it. Just “we are very busy.” Service aside, the food was decent and the teh tarik, or Malyasian milky tea, was quite tasty.

DAY 5.
Hyde Park
// Italian Gardens


Hyde Park//
_20150106.London Day 2.53_20150106.London Day 2.55

This park! We were worried about having enough time to make it to the airport so we only made it to the Italian Gardens but it was a gorgeous, well planned park. We really wished we got to see more of it.

Heathrow Airport//
_20150106.Iceland 1.2
When we got to Heathrow Airport, we were told that our flight to Iceland was delayed SEVEN hours. Aiya. Since we were already there with our bags, we decided to lounge around on some nice comfy sofas like these fellow travelers.

Giraffe//_20150106.Iceland 1.1
The perk of our delay was FOOD VOUCHERS. (Will I ever be old enough to not appreciate free food?) We ended up spending alll our food voucher money at Giraffe where I had a real English breakfast. Everywhere we went I saw signs for breakfast plates that included a tomato and beans so I took my last chance to get it here. Breakfast is my favorite meal.











FINALLY, after hours lounging in the airport, we hopped onto the plane for ICELAND. To be continued..