london. day 2.

by ann


Big Ben (Westminster)
House of Parliament (Westminster)
St. Margaret’s Church (Westminster)
Westminster Abbey (Westminster)
Tower of London
Tower Bridge

Tip: If you have a student ID, bring it! All the attractions this day had student discounts.

The Pasty Shop (Paddington Station)
Borough Market (London Bridge)
Green Market (London Bridge)
Noorjahan 2 (Paddington Station)
Pride of Paddington (Paddington Station)

The Pasty Shop//
_20150103.London Day 1.45_thumb[3]

Pasties the size of my hand for breakfast!

Big Ben//
_20150103.London Day 1.46_thumb[3]

We didn’t go in but we did say hello!

House of Parliament (Palace of Westminster)//
_20150103.London Day 1.58_thumb[2]

_20150103.London Day 1.67

Tickets were purchased in advanced for a scheduled audio tour. Am I complete nerd for loving audio tours? I like that I can go through things at my own pace and choose what I can listen to.

St. Margaret’s Church//_20150103.londonn.1

Westminster Abbey//
_20150103.London Day 1.73_thumb[3]

The tickets were steep for Westminster Abbey at £17 pounds for a student; £20, an adult, but well worth it. We didn’t purchase tickets in advance. Although the line was long, it moved fast. Once we got in, we picked up an audio tour to tell us about its history.

_20150103.London Day 11.16This baby is excited because the markets are faaaaaabulous! There’s so much good food everywhere! Note: If you’re bringing a little one, use a carrier. It can get very crowded.

Bread Ahead Bakery//_20150103.London Day 11.3 We couldn’t resist getting a bread stick here for Zooey to munch on. And a ginger-y bread pudding. Decent goods but really I came to gape at this tower of carbs.

Mon Cheesemonger//_20150103.londonn.2There are a number of cheesemongers at Borough Market but this is the first one we saw! We got a nice hard cheese here for snacking and I picked up the cutest teeny glass jar of goat milk yogurt. I couldn’t resist.

Shellseekers Fish & Game + Wild Sika// _20150103.London Day 11.11_20150103.London Day 11.14From left to right, we had a venison burger, briny raw oysters and stir fry scallops, also known as delish, slurp, and yum.

_20150103.London Day 11.15 I don’t know the name of this vendor but you can’t miss the massive skillets of colorful paella. It’s caddy corner from Shellseekers and Wild Sika. I had a sample but at this point I needed to maximize my stomach’s potential to try MORE.

_20150103.London Day 11.20Like this! If you’re looking for some veggies, I would recommend a nice thick slice of this piping hot vegetable omelet. It’s a few stalls down from New Forest Cider. We paired that with a nice, cold juice from Turnips.

MonMouth Coffee//_20150103.londonn.6

I had heard rave reviews about this coffee shop but I’ll be honest: this place was just a-ok. The line was long so I was pumped up for some bonkers awesome coffee. I ordered a flat white and it was..decent. Perhaps it would be better on a less crowded day?


Cinnamon Sin Bakery// My mom snuck away to get sweets from this stall. The surprising favorite was a hearty oats bar.

ScotchTails//_20150103.London Day 11.21I couldn’t resist a Scotch egg! The crisped shell was halved to reveal a soft boiled egg nestled in a meaty layer. Get a discount by following them on Instagram!

Stuffed to the gills, we waddled our way to Tower of London via the London Bridge. Wait, what? So there are two bridges across the River Thames: the London Bridge and the Tower Bridge. The London Bridge of the nursery rhyme and of that Fergalicious song is actually quite a plain Jane compared to the Tower Bridge. Anyway, we crossed London Bridge and walked along the river to Tower of London.

Tower of London//_20150103.London Day 11.34_20150103.London Day 11.36_20150103.London Day 11.38The Tower of London grounds were quite large. We only had a few hours until closing so we visited the Crown Jewels, the White Tower containing the armory and I snuck off to check the Bloody Tower where two princes were killed and hidden underneath a staircase. Ghoulish.

Tower Bridge//
_20150103.London Day 11.32

_20150103.London Day 11.51 We didn’t do a tour although the glass floors seemed like it would be fun/scary to walk across! We walked across the Tower Bridge to get back to the tube.

Noorjahan 2//

The restaurant was a short walk from our home. We didn’t make reservations and were lucky to get an open table. We ordered the peshwari, garlic naan, chicken tikka masala, lamb karahi and king prawn special.  The peshwari was different than the type I had before, not studded with fruits and nuts. Still good though! Our favorite dish of the night was the chicken tikka masala. A traditional pick, yes, but the chicken was tender and the sauce was buttery and flavorful. The king prawn special was good but came with 3 prawns at £18.50- a steep price for so little! We ended with tea masala- yum!-which can in a large ceramic teapot with enough tea for three cups each.

Pride of Paddington //_20150104.London Day 11.65
The pub of the night was Pride of Paddington, a bustling pub beneath its namesake hostel. I had a nice Pimm’s cocktail while we tried to place a coin on a lemon in water.

_20150104.London Day 11.66

It is impossible, by the way.