you stole a pizza my heart

by ann


Chocolates are overrated. I’ve got pizza on my mind ever since I heard about Pizza Brain delivering HEART-SHAPED PIZZAS. Whaaat?! You know you want in on it. Here’s the menu. You just need to preorder before noon on February 14th.*

If you’re bummed out because you’re not in the Philly area, make your own! I’m thinking a quick run to Trader Joe’s for fresh pizza dough. (Let’s not be over ambitious.) My favorite combination is tomato sauce with mozzarella, mushrooms and anchovies. I’m a weirdo. If you like that combo too, hellooo, soulmate! If not, here are some other yummy options:

the traditional: tomato + basil

the texan: corn + hatch chile + bacon

the fancy pants: goat cheese + arugula (+ proscuitto?!)

the simple comfort: shakshuka

*This is not a sponsored post. This is me being excited about HEART-SHAPED PIZZAS! And puns.

** If you’re into puns and making candy-free valentines, here you go.