golden treats

by ann

The Southerner in me went bonkers with talks of a blizzard. I went on a baking/cooking frenzy Sunday to prepare for my imminent lock-in. I was fully prepared to be snuggled up inside with a cup of warm cocoa and these addicting treats.

_20150125.Golden Grahams Treat.1

My friend wanted to make these and I have to say I was hesitant. I’m no fan of Rice Krispies treats. But these aren’t Rice Krispies treats. These are so much better. These things are little squares ready to trigger crack-like addiction. Rice Krispies are puny flavorless puffs while Golden Grahams are sweet squares blasted with brown sugar and honey. Swap those Rice Krispies for Golden Grahams and your mind will be blown.

There’s no snow in Philadelphia but I’m still nibbling on these with my hot cocoa. In solidarity with those who are snowed in, of course.

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