winter break in pictures + a thought for 2015

by ann

Is it really a week into 2015? It felt like I was just flying out of  my last exam and jetting to Florida, feeling the soft, powdery Siesta Keys sand between my toes,

drinking dangerously cheap daiquiris,

going to Orlandohhh and drinking butterbeer (the hot one is the best!),

road tripping to Miami for an insanely fabulous wedding,

and then off to Boston for my niece’s first Christmas

and first birthday (!!!).

Of course, with my family, there was plenty of food, including a visit to the farmer’s market in Somerville where we picked up apples

and donuts.

Life is all about the balance, ya know?

Here’s the real deal though: going from guzzling coffee like water to vacation is a screeching brake. I realized during these past two weeks that I’m just a go, go, go kind of person even sans crazy dental school life. Downtime for me is cleaning my apartment, which isn’t bad persay, but I think carving out some completely luxurious free time with no need for speed would be good. A thought for 2015: make time for yourself. Woosah.