Month: January, 2015

golden treats

The Southerner in me went bonkers with talks of a blizzard. I went on a baking/cooking frenzy Sunday to prepare for my imminent lock-in. I was fully prepared to be snuggled up inside with a cup of warm cocoa and these addicting treats.

_20150125.Golden Grahams Treat.1

My friend wanted to make these and I have to say I was hesitant. I’m no fan of Rice Krispies treats. But these aren’t Rice Krispies treats. These are so much better. These things are little squares ready to trigger crack-like addiction. Rice Krispies are puny flavorless puffs while Golden Grahams are sweet squares blasted with brown sugar and honey. Swap those Rice Krispies for Golden Grahams and your mind will be blown.

There’s no snow in Philadelphia but I’m still nibbling on these with my hot cocoa. In solidarity with those who are snowed in, of course.

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saturday surf

_20150103.Farmer's Market.1

This is definitely on next week’s lunch menu.

I’m making this as a dinner side.

Bento box recipes.

Chocolates representing textural words.

Post midterm: shots party using this infographic.

I love copycat recipes.

Korean food inspiration.

Vietnamese food inspiration.

Next haircut.

Frito chili pie– Ree speaks to me.

saturday surf


Center City Restaurant Week is here! I’m going to be trying Estia this year.

Risotto to warm you up.

Thoughts on modern dating. Yikes.

Salad inspiration. And one with quinoa!

I need to start having a cocktail game.

Places to go to in 2015. Philadelphia is on here, say whaat?

Ways to reduce stress.

This whore’s pasta (pasta alla puttanesca) needs to be made.

I’m a little obsessed with these beauty minutes.

Pictured above are knit zoo animals for Zooey’s birthday party from Etsy.

get lost in a good book with Oyster


Downtime is critical. One of my favorite ways to unwind is losing myself in a good book. The problem is that I ravish books which makes buying them expensive; I love the library but find it a hassle to lug books around. That’s why my interest was piqued when I heard about Oyster!

Oyster is a streaming service for books and offers a diverse selection. I was blown by the various titles I found. For $9.95/month, I have more than 500,00 books available to me. From recent bestsellers to mouthwatering cookbooks, these are good books.

What I’m currently reading is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

I’ve already finished- and loved!- The Glass Castle and Brain on Fire, both gripping memoirs.

And, just to give you an idea of the variety available, these books are on my reading list now:
Clean (because I like to explore different food philosophies)
Reykjayik Iceland and Its Surroundings (because my family is going there in March!)
Long Life (because I’m smitten with Mary Oliver)
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home(’s ice cream)

The best part is that, if the book doesn’t intrigue me, I can just stop reading it and move on!

I used Oyster throughout winter break: on plane rides, while sunning next to the pool and curled up on the sofa. You can use any Apple iOS product (I use my iPad Air) as well as Androids, Nook HD, Kindle Fire and, of course, the web.

If you’re getting giddy reading about this like I did, get a $15 credit (a month and a half of reading!) by signing up here. Let me know what books you choose and love!

saturday surf


Watched this movie twice over break. Loved it.

My mom’s all about that facial yoga.

Got this for Christmas. It smells so good I want to lick it off my face.

I know it’s winter but I’m craving these tacos.

But, if you want something to warm you up, this sounds about right.

Need a 2015 calendar? Check out this chic free printable.

My 2015 planner.

What a great way to preserve old photos.

Ah, the flat white, and what Americans think of Starbucks’ version.

The scientific way to test if you’re in love.

Picture from the Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, Wellesley, MA.

winter break in pictures + a thought for 2015

Is it really a week into 2015? It felt like I was just flying out of  my last exam and jetting to Florida, feeling the soft, powdery Siesta Keys sand between my toes,

drinking dangerously cheap daiquiris,

going to Orlandohhh and drinking butterbeer (the hot one is the best!),

road tripping to Miami for an insanely fabulous wedding,

and then off to Boston for my niece’s first Christmas

and first birthday (!!!).

Of course, with my family, there was plenty of food, including a visit to the farmer’s market in Somerville where we picked up apples

and donuts.

Life is all about the balance, ya know?

Here’s the real deal though: going from guzzling coffee like water to vacation is a screeching brake. I realized during these past two weeks that I’m just a go, go, go kind of person even sans crazy dental school life. Downtime for me is cleaning my apartment, which isn’t bad persay, but I think carving out some completely luxurious free time with no need for speed would be good. A thought for 2015: make time for yourself. Woosah.