shining stars

by ann

_20141102.Apple Picking.1

I like pastels.

I drink Starbucks.

I wear leggings as pants.

I’m as basic as it gets.

It’s funny: the phrase of “being basic.” This generation has such a need to prove themselves as full of sarcastic wit, so unique and hip.  Let me tell you something: YOU ARE SPECIAL. YOU ARE UNIQUE. It’s what you need to hear, I know. Sometimes in this world, you feel like the tiniest star in the galaxy.

Yet a dirty thing happens where we feel the need to be SHINING STARS. To say to the world: I. AM. SPECIAL. Somehow that message of confidence and strength in a critical world gets distorted into a desire to be the best. Where the only one that can shine is one person. Every person becomes a competitor. Judgment and harsh criticism seems to be the way to win.

But it is so powerful to be part of something, to find someone whose interests align with your own. That current of camaraderie sparks between two souls a kinship that we need in this world. It doesn’t dim your bright, shining soul to be similar to another person; it fosters it, nourishes it. Even if it’s just a love for Nike shorts or pumpkin spice lattes. So when you do share interests and habits with another person, celebrate it! And what intrigues me might not intrigue another. I don’t understand Trekkies but still! Let’s rejoice in it! A community gathering together for a shared love? It is beautiful.

_20141102.Apple Picking.4

Wearing my J. Crew plaid shirt, Ralph Lauren puffy vest, Zara leggings, Ugg boots, Gap infinity scarf and Ray Bans while picking apples. Being basic and loving it. There is a hot apple cider somewhere in that wagon. At Linvilla Orchards.