Month: October, 2014

saturday surf

_20141019.WW Rolls.1

If you’re feeling tropical this Halloween, try out a pineapple jack o’ lantern.

An alternative to a photo album. (Save 10% using code FALLSALE).

These would be perfect for a lazy weekend brunch at home.

And, of course, something savory.

Bring your crop tops into fall.

Purchased this eyeliner and love it: long-lasting, no smudging and cheap.

Perfect way to ease back into yoga.

I need to read a book.

Sketches and stories of bookstores.

saturday surf

_20141018.Avocado Toast.1

People talk avocado toast. (Mine today: smashed avocado, salt, smoked paprika, fried egg, spritz of olive oil)

Wardrobe capsule: minimalistic but still chic.

The skinny skinny and highrisers here fit surprisingly well.

These candles are a perfect small gift.

A guy who reads this magazine is upping his style game.

I plan on making this for my niece’s first birthday!

Something savory and something sweet to make this weekend.

On making puff pastry.

These art prints.

saturday surf


Chobani, keep doing good work. (Try Apple Cinnamon Oats. Yum.)

On choosing an avocado.

Deciding between this one or this one.

Leather comfort.

Couture workout clothes. It’s dangerous. But if I had to choose something..

I finally figured out how to add fabric softener to the laundry machine. Don’t judge.

Crop tops that I can get into.

No more shampooing? I would try this conditioner.

These girls have amazing voices.

saturday surf


2024 is the year for us humans.

A sweet and spicy condiment that’s on the rise.

If you aren’t listening to this podcast. Start now.

Guacamole is always a good idea.

A quick craft project: paper gems.

Print photos the size of a human- for cheap.

These fall outfits are perfect.

Chelsea is crazy and out there and I love her thoughts on life.

Banh mi hot dogs, say what?

the here and now

In dental school there comes two types of living: the day to day survival and the living for the future. You really do both because day to day is what helps you manage balancing classes and patients without losing your mind on being bombarded with eight exams over a month. And the living for the future…that’s sweet. Even the practical logistics of paying off your debt (more like interest) is dreamy. Pay off debt. Be able to buy things with REAL money. Maybe own something that screams adulthood. Like a car. A House. Lately it’s been dreaming of moving to Anchorage to build a little nest egg while learning how to snowboard better. I want to own real art work, not prints. I want to have themed dinner parties in a well-decorated home. But must I wait for things to be perfect? If anything, it’ll never be. I’ll always be evolving and wanting more so might as well accept the flaws and do what I want in the here and now.

So I threw a party.
_20140927.Korean BBQ.1

We circled aluminum tables in mismatched chairs nabbed from the laundry room. The table was lit by candles and phones. Space was limited: plastic trays of marinated meat, side dishes of kim chi, pickled cucumbers and dried sweet-spicy squid fought against beer cans and grills for room. Plates teetered. It was chaotic and hot and set to the tunes of Ed Sheeran and similar wistful wailers on Pandora.

And we had fun. We ate and drank. We explored the spooky corners of my very old home. We played Telestrations.

I laughed so hard that night tears winked at the corner of my eyes.

I got to have a long heart to heart at the night’s end with a good friend.

And that is how you survive dental school.