by ann


Hotel Massenet
11 Rue Massenet

Hotel Massenet was our only typical hotel for the trip. For two double rooms, it was 140-160 euros a night. The rooms were clean and neat. Our concierge was a very proper lady in the most French outfits- so simple yet chic!-and gave us a few recommendations of places to eat. Nothing in particular stands out though we did get to try limoncello as a digestivo.


Note: Be cautious when dining outdoors. After emerging from a tunnel off the Promenade des Anglais, we saw a cafe next to the Cours Saleya open air market. We decided to enjoy the weather and eat outside. During the meal, I saw something drift into my plate. I looked and it was ashes. Some man above us was smoking. One of us went to tell the waitress. She then looked upwards a tad perturbed, paused, and then continued on her business. A few minutes later a cigarette butt fell into my plate. Mind you, my six month old niece is sitting next to me. We were infuriated at this point and went to find the manager who said they would go talk to the upstairs resident. All we saw were the staff giving a few glances upwards but no one made an actual move to do anything. There were no real apologies, no compensated meal. Perhaps that’s too American of a thought?

Where We Went
Promenade des Anglais
Cours Saleya (open-air  market)
Old City
Promenade du Paillon
Galeries Lafayette (department store)

Note: Solde means “sale” in French. Sales are held twice a year around January and July.

Local Foods to Try
Pissaladière- a pie made with onions and anchovy sauce
Socca- a pancake made from chickpea flour
Salade nicoise- a tomato salad with green pepper, baked eggs, tuna or anchovies, and olives
Fruit confit- candied fruit

At Cours Saleya…




Promenade du Paillon was a fantastic place to bring my niece. Children of all ages played on the gorgeous sculptured gym sets and on the soft turf grass. Some ran through the timed water misting from the ground.


From Nice to Provence, we took the TGV and picked up our rental.

Nice Ville – Aix en provence TGV (734a-1012am, 1057a-157p, ~26E), pick up rental car at Aix-en-provence TGV