by ann


Taking a Trenitalia train, we made the trip from Rome to Venice. The train had outlets! And Wifi was available for a mere euro but was hard to get on. For our party of three and a half, we had reserved two rows facing each other with a nice table in the center.


Note: Only get help finding your train from your ticketing office. If someone comes up to you to offer you help, do not take it unless you are willing to tip them. They will hover otherwise. Additionally, I am not sure how legal it is for them to do so.

Also, don’t worry if you arrive early and your train platform is not up. Usually it doesn’t go up until 15-20 minutes before departure.

After almost four hours, we were in Venezia!

We took a water taxi, or vaporetto, to our hotel. Our stop was Vaporetti 2 (San Zaccharia).


Bed & Venice Casa per Ferie La Pieta
Castello, 3701- Calle della Pieta- 30122 Venezia- Italy
Contact: Elisa

The location was excellent and only a few minutes walk from St. Mark’s Square. Also, the place had a rooftop floor that gave you an amazing view of the water. For 135 euros per night, we got a room with three cots and a crib. The bathroom was shared but very large and had a bathtub. Something to note, breakfast was included but not very good.. It consisted of a basket of bread and crackers, a beverage (cappuccino for me!), and musty granola and milk.



Our Schedule

St. Mark’s Basilica (Stroller friendly)
Rialto Bridge
Piazza San Marco_20140706.Venice.24

Things We Did Not Get to Do/See:
Bridge of Sighs
Doge’s Palace
Gondola Ride

A gondola ride is pretty pricy at 80 euros for 40 minutes before 7 PM. Instead you can opt for a ride on Vaporetto #1. Not as individualized but still nice nonetheless.

_20140706.Venice.30   Inside St. Mark’s Basilica

Note: Purchasing a ticket gets you entry into St. Mark’s; however, there is a cost of a few euros per person for entry into various smaller exhibits. This occurred throughout many of the churches we visited.

In Venice, mainly we wandered.

_20140707.Venice.57_20140706.Venice.43               View from Rialto Bridge


Note: Venice is not a stroller friendly city with all its small bridges. We managed with three adults to alternate picking the stroller up over the bridges. However, you may want to consider using a carrier to avoid doing that.



Suprisingly, the American Bar next to St. Mark’s had good gelato. We had pistachio and straticella.

Alfred’s Fine Pasta


Tip: Avoid places with tourist menus! I can’t generalize and say that all places with tourist menus are not good; however, the one place we tried that seemed aimed at tourists was horrendous. There was a cover charge per person, the clams we ordered were not cleaned well and tasted gritty, the pasta was over salted and the service was terrible.

Water Fountains


The water was icy cold and refreshing but we saw much less water fountains in Venice. In Florence onwards, we didn’t see any at all.

Tip: Return to the piazza at night! It’s gorgeous lit up._20140706.Venice.50

And there is the Battle of the Bands in which different orchestras play around the square.

We stayed in Venice for a day and a half. In the early afternoon, we took an Italo coach for two hours to Florence, or Firenzia.