let’s root for each other


Today I was hit hard by how much judgment we deal. We evaluate appearances, actions and words; we trash talk backgrounds we don’t understand. We break each other down so that we can climb up on the broken spirits of people we’ve deemed lesser. Worse, we do it because it amuses us to tear another person down. At some point, cynicism and sarcasm has been deemed the cooler, better alternative to optimism and genuine enthusiasm. It’s no wonder we feel insecure in our place in this world with hawks gauging our every move. Let’s move away from that.

These days I’ve been getting more involved in the Tone It Up community. I’ve slowly been posting on Instagram and Twitter and I am addicted. I am addicted to the camaraderie these women have for each other. Here are strangers from around the world connected by the single desire to encourage each other on their individual journeys to fitness. To see such open and raw encouragement was…hard. I couldn’t fathom such openness and lightheartedness but I could feel the cheeriness working on my own heart.

Let’s root for each other. We can start with our friends.


I find birthdays  to be the perfect time to reflect on your relationship and on what it is about the person that makes her or him such an invaluable part of your life. And then tell them. Talk about how excited you are to have found someone who loves the same niche movie, express your admiration of her sweet consideration for others, indulge in the memories you’ve had in the past year. Share your feelings on the day where this person came into the world and entered your life, changing it for the better. Because, although you may have an unspoken understanding that you are kindred spirits, to voice that love is a beautiful thing. It is necessary.