we are in this crazy world together

by ann

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with a strong impulse to smile widely at the person next to me and say “I get you. I may not know you but you are a person with struggles and joys like me. We are in this crazy world together.”


Let’s embrace more this year. Let’s crawl out from our cocoons of familiar friends and places and be dazzled by what else-and who else- is out there.


Yes, it’s intimidating. Everyone has people in their lives, schedules to keep. There’s always excuses because what we fear is the rejection. Friend rejection is real and just as blush-inducing as a date rejection. The first few dates can be just as awkward too as you settle into your new friendship. Yet one day this person is no longer your I-want-to-be-your-friend-please-be-mine friend but your person. The one who understand your crazy and let’s you know you’re not alone. And that validation, that freedom to be yourself, is enough to keep trying.

So let’s take the time, rather make the time, to connect.