a surly urban dweller

by ann


The grass at Rittenhouse Square is surreal right now, a vivid green peeking out from a heavy dusting of yellow and orange-hued leaves. Today was an excellent day for a stroll, potential murderers lingering about and all.

Is it just me that feels hesitant when strangers start up a conversation? A man with salt-and-pepper hair walking a spry Boxer mix struck up a conversation today and, though I love meeting new people, there’s always a thought lingering that it has arrived. That moment when you’re about to be lured into a trap which will end up with you robbed or brutally murdered.

Perhaps this is just reminiscent of yesterday when my friend and I were walking home around midnight and a man from behind started hollering at us. He seemed like a typical drunkard on a Saturday night but his speed was quickening and my friend is adorably timid so I turned around just as he was leering towards us and asked him what his problem was. He paused. Then crossed the street.

MY GOD, I FELT TRIUMPHANT. (Because I have a scrappy side that will one day get me in trouble, no doubt.)

How coincidental that we had just been talking in the car about how I had cussed out the most racist man for insinuating I couldn’t understand him because I’m Asian.

Alas, I do believe I’m evolving into a surly urban dweller. And I’m not even in New York!