thrumming pulse of summer

by ann


The Primetime Burger (+ fried farm egg) at Hopdoddy in Austin

I’ve had a hard time summing up my days. I couldn’t quite place a finger on the thrumming pulse of summer, so fast that it feels slow.

Weekdays were spent working with my mom at her office. I created Excel sheets, made binders for various forms and popped into my mom’s office when I was bored. (Really, it was the best job for me since I love making things more efficient. Don’t judge.)  On weekends I saw Mat who was knee deep in rotations or caught up with old friends. But the most notable thing about this summer has been road trips.

Massive bouts of wanderlust attacked me this year; I was pea green with envy of people jetting around the world while I’m in school. Although I didn’t go abroad this summer, I whetted my appetite with trips to Austin, one to see my sister in Chicago and two major trips from Philadelphia to Texas and from Texas to California.

I scoped the lands from Big Round Top, breached Pentagon fences (on accident, of course), careened down the most breathtaking trail to Fort Lancaster, dug my toes into the fine white sands in Alamogordo, held  my breath on Highway 1 as our van lumbered to Big Sur.. It’s been an amazing summer.

I am in California still actually! A light breeze is tickling my arm and the sound of cars whooshing by is a surprisingly soothing background in the heart of Irvine. Mat and I have just returned from San Francisco and are staying at his family’s place until Friday. Then it’s on to Texas! And then onwards to Philadelphia! And second year of dental school!

I’m anxious about second year, which is supposed to be the absolute worst year of dental school. I’ve heard it’s a blistering barrage of projects and exams and yet I catch myself eager to return. Aren’t I ridiculous? I think it’s because this summer has been utterly relaxing with plenty of trashy TV (Korean dramas and True Blood, anyone?) and Pinterest so I’m ready to shimmy into my ceil blue scrubs and get back to work.