sidelong looks

by ann

They were absolutely adorable. I couldn’t help but give sidelong looks. A boy and a girl, perhaps college age, sitting across from one another, each with an elbow propped on the table, a finger extended to touch the other one’s.

I looked again.The girl took a bite out of her pastry and  fed it to the boy.

And again. As the boy got up to use the restroom, he wrapped his arms around the girl, tilted his head and brushed his lips against her cheek.

I sound like a total creep, I know, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to these two, lost in their own world. I miss that.

I countdown the weekends until I see Mat again, filling each weekend with something to look forward to: camping Memorial Day weekend, dear friends visiting for my birthday, a Cirque de Soleil performance (and perhaps a Korean spa visit!) and then finally I will return home!