a summer list

by ann

The streets are alight with chatter as every restaurant pulls out iron wrought tables and chairs onto the sidewalk. All are filled; who can help but be enticed by the warming rays of sunlight and playful breeze that so loudly proclaim spring is finally here?

It sounds trite to talk about the weather but it is the only thing on everyone’s mind. Finals begin Friday but I refuse to hide away from such gloriously beautiful weather.  Yesterday Chibi and I sauntered over to a neighborhood coffee house: I studied; she people-watched. And she only growled once at a passing pair of French bulldogs!

Bliss, bliss, bliss. I’m counting down the days until next Friday when I will be set free from spring semester.

Until then, I’ve begun to compile a summer list to tide me over.


Browse vintage furniture on Girard
Shop at the Italian market
Take long strolls with Chibi
Make smores at camping
Listen to new music
Take pictures
Eat outdoors
Go on trips

Do pole dancing with the girls
And potluck dinners
And happy hours!

Visit a jazz club
Comedy club
Wine bar