a motley crew

by ann

At dinner a few weeks ago, one of the girls said “Can you believe we’re going to be dentists?” It’s a funny thing to say but we all nodded knowingly. Sometimes, especially during the start of a new project in pre-clinic, I’ll get gripped with a sharp sense of fear and am struck by an image of myself dropping my hand piece and shrieking as I run out of the lab, hair streaming wildly behind me and arms flailing. Then the increasing volume surrounding me breaks my reverie; I hear the frantic edge to the voices around me and.. I am calm. Because I’m not alone.

The greatest gift I have received in dental school is this community. We are a motley crew, a grab bag of backgrounds, personalities and beliefs.

I love it.

We bicker and tease; we rage and commiserate. (Commiserating is key because you’ll find that there is nothing a class likes to do more than complain and have someone vehemently agree.) But it’s always we.

Perhaps it’s because I’m out of state so I feel more inclined to love this ragtag bunch. That could be why it warms my heart to see classmates help each other by sharing resources or stopping their own work to help others. But it doesn’t deny the fact that I am happy to be surrounded by such a group.