this microcosm

by ann

Tuesday I studied while I slept, writing down nonpolar and polar amino acids in my dreams. And, when the erratic beeping of my alarm pierced through the sleepy haze,  I thought to myself upon waking, “I hope I wrote them all down right” and jumped out of bed to check.

Oh things are serious here.

I have been stripped of my former life and now reside in this microcosm with an intense concentration of anxious students brimming with insecurities and neuroses. Dental school is a bit like giving birth: one slow, agonizing moment that seems infinite until it is over. It would be remiss of me to glide over what I’ve been doing this past month- and I have never been one for burying my thoughts or swathing them in a more palatable manner- yet I do have to agree with poor Matthew who has been the primary listener of many a rant these past few days: complaints are quite tiresome.

A sliver of light is that our first round of exams are over (!!). And a most foreboding histology quiz has been moved to a later date. It’s been a tremendous source of relief and the gray cloud hovering above my class has lifted- if only for the weekend. In celebration, I baked.


I have had four of these chocolate chip cookies. Thin with a crisp border and chewy interior, they are admittedly homely with it’s bulges of chocolate chips but addictive.  And now it’s time to traipse in a beer garden with my peers. Until later, friends.