Month: October, 2012

tonight is silent

Tucked in a narrow alleyway off a busy avenue, my apartment is subject to the whims of the city and its people. Weekdays bring the padding of purposeful steps, the occasional tinkling dog collar, and a few drawn out honks for good measure while weekends bear the click-clacking of high heels and loud drunken laughter rounded out with a faint dance number. But tonight is silent.

Convenience stores have been emptied of their flashlights and a few lonely gallons of water lay on the shelves. The streets are quiet, as are the subway stations that have shut down. We all lie in wait for what’s to come.

Stay safe, all.

stare at the feet, with an eye on the path

I’ve burrowed myself in a histology hole, my friends. The exam is Tuesday and I have planned to keep myself in quarantine- for histology as well as to nurse my voice back from its raspy whisper. I should be poring over the various epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract  [Yikes, I know.] but 10 o clock seemed a ripe time to come and say hello, report that I am indeed alive and have also eaten quite well, thanks to my friend Alan.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Alan had the goodness to stop for a few days during his East coast travels and was a heavenly relief from school. Mind you, I am indebted to my fellow classmates who have become quite allied in our daily endeavors but a friend from home is always a welcome treat.

I was guilt-ridden drinking a cocktail on a Tuesday evening but that feeling melted with a few more sips from Alan’s whisky beverages. I still had classes from eight to five but every night was full: we filled ourselves with meats and cheese, a succulent leg of goat at The Butcher and The Brewer (followed by a nightcap at The Farmer’s Cabinet), distracted ourselves with nachos during ridiculously scary previews at the University City theater, and munched fresh cookies from Insomnia Cookies; and on Alan’s last night, we sipped on sangria while pondering the validity of eating brussel sprouts as a vegetable if they’re sautéed with butter and bacon. All was well and good but what elicited the most excitement during the visit was the truffled egg toast at Tria.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s nothing particularly astounding but the bread was thick yet yielding, the truffle flavor a sexy, musky aroma that lingered and left you wanting. Perfection would have been an extra egg yolk on the side but the toast was quickly tucked away before we could ask.

And now Alan has been whisked away by train to New York! I’m a bit mournful at having lost my companion and will miss musing over the underlying notes of mixed drinks but Amy’s wedding is in a mere two weeks [!] and I’ll be able to see my family and my most missed strong jawed love so there is that to look forward to. Until then, I shall stare at my feet, taking a step at a time with an eye on the distant path as the wise Dr. Bresler has said.

Oh, by the by, for you pre-dental students, here is our schedule for first year fall semester:

8-9:30 Dental Materials
9:30-11:30 Biochemistry

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
8:30-11:30 Histology
12:30-1:30 Restorative Dentistry Lecture
1:30-4:30 Restorative Dentistry Pre-Clinical Lab

9:30-11:30 Biochemistry
1:30-4:30 Histology

9-11 Biochemistry
11:30- 12:30 Dental Public Health
1:30-4:30 Biochemistry Review (optional);
recently added Restorative Dentistry Pre-Clinical Lab Practice (optional)

this microcosm

Tuesday I studied while I slept, writing down nonpolar and polar amino acids in my dreams. And, when the erratic beeping of my alarm pierced through the sleepy haze,  I thought to myself upon waking, “I hope I wrote them all down right” and jumped out of bed to check.

Oh things are serious here.

I have been stripped of my former life and now reside in this microcosm with an intense concentration of anxious students brimming with insecurities and neuroses. Dental school is a bit like giving birth: one slow, agonizing moment that seems infinite until it is over. It would be remiss of me to glide over what I’ve been doing this past month- and I have never been one for burying my thoughts or swathing them in a more palatable manner- yet I do have to agree with poor Matthew who has been the primary listener of many a rant these past few days: complaints are quite tiresome.

A sliver of light is that our first round of exams are over (!!). And a most foreboding histology quiz has been moved to a later date. It’s been a tremendous source of relief and the gray cloud hovering above my class has lifted- if only for the weekend. In celebration, I baked.


I have had four of these chocolate chip cookies. Thin with a crisp border and chewy interior, they are admittedly homely with it’s bulges of chocolate chips but addictive.  And now it’s time to traipse in a beer garden with my peers. Until later, friends.