solace, always

by ann


Did I really spend twenty-six hours in a SUV with my worldly possessions, four people and two dogs? The trip seems surreal now: a hazy memory of caffeine-spiked driving, numerous pit stops courteous of my small bladder, and dreamy sighs at the verdant dips and peaks of the landscape.

We arrived at a little past midnight in a silent street: a bit frightening honestly to a Southerner from the suburbs. Yet it’s a week since my arrival and I’m steadily growing accustomed to the old city. I haven’t felt the longings for home but have been wrapped in a whirlwind of interior decorating and found solace, always, in the kitchen.

Eats here have revolved around a mini-baguette, basil and a selection of cheese- mozzarella, goat gouda and a mild bleu to be precise. Real meals outside of a hastily stirred egg fried rice and spicy ramen have been the panzanella salad above and the pesto spaghetti below. 20120824-life-7

A panzanella salad is perfect for that day old baguette, especially when it’s been toasted and allowed to meld in a balsamic vinaigrette, while pesto blends my favorite things- herbs and garlic- into a full-bodied nutty paste. This particular pesto is festively flecked with sundried tomatoes; it has been slathered on thick slices of kalamata olive toast and, as seen, coating slippery noodles.No recipes yet; I’m a foundling believer of having them thoroughly tested before presenting it to you.

Tomorrow marks the first official day of dental school and, thus, the end of summer. Here’s to fall.

Oh! And, by the by, if you’re looking into furnishing your place, I would recommend the following sites that have been quite enthralling-but treacherous for the wallet- to browse: Joss and Main, One King’s Lane, and The Foundary.