countdown commencement

by ann

There are ten days until the big move. Ten. The countdown has officially begun.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The car needs to be sold; effective packing techniques employed; doors to be painted.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This past month my mom has thrown herself into improving the house. Replacing a few rotted boards has rapidly evolved. There are new tiles throughout the house; newly varnished walls, yet the work continues.

The kitchen cabinets are gusty- as are the bedrooms- for all the doors have been removed. Choosing to redo the cabinets ourselves, we stripped the old color, sanded with fervor, and stained them red mahogany; the panels now wait patiently for their final clear gloss. Lined up against the backyard fence, the doors were painted in whispering wheat, a barely there golden brown, but a sudden thunderstorm prevented a second coat so the doors too are lying in wait. And, lastly, all bedrooms have been gutted into the living room as wood floors are being placed down.

I’m excited to see the final outcome but mostly I’m excited to have Chibi stop barking incessantly at the construction workers. All this commotion has also distracted me from the days passing by, an unpleasant side effect that has made me increasingly misty-eyed.